Mistress: Amadahy

Professional Domina and sadist who does not participate in classic porn, but only in female domination content. “The Ballbusting Queen”

The Red-haired Goddess Amadahy Shows Her Mouth-Watering Armpits Close-ups For You to Sniff and Lick - POV Armpit Femdom
Posted in Armpits Mistress Solo
Redhead Goddess Amadahy In Bodysuit and Pink Tights and High Heels - Solo
Posted in Fetish Clothing Mistress Solo
Purple Hair Goddess Amadahy Uses Her Human Toilet Slave For Pissing Femdom Humiliation
Posted in Piss Drinking Toilet Humiliation
Happy Slave Inhales Sweat From Goddess Amadahi's Armpit
Posted in Armpits
Amadahy Foot Gagging Suffocation Femdom Humiliation Her Submissive Grandpa
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Submissive Grandpa Kiss My Ass - Goddess Amadahy Ass Worship Femdom
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Submissive Grandpa Sucks Mistress Amadahy's High Heel
Posted in Foot Worship
Brutal Goddess Amadahy Hard Slaps Submissive Grandpa - Old and Young Femdom
Posted in BDSM CFNM Humiliation
Sadistic and Cruel Mistresses In Latex Tight Dress - BDSM CBT Masked Slave Masohist
Posted in BDSM CBT CFNM Fetish Clothing
Beautiful Sadist Amadahi Pierced The Head Of a Slave's Dick - Extreme CBT Femdom
Posted in CBT CFNM Extreme Torture
Submissive Servant Guy Licks High Heel With Goddess Amadahy Leather Boots
Posted in CFNM Foot Worship
Redhead Hot Mistress Amadahy In Sexy Fetish Clothing, Stockings and Glowes
Posted in Fetish Clothing Mistress Solo
Mistress Kendra James and Goddess Amadahy In Sexy Fetish Latex Clothes and Glowes
Posted in Fetish Clothing
Humiliated and Kneeling Pig Slave For The Sporting Mistresses Amadahy and Alexa Ridell
Posted in Bondage CFNM Pet Play
Goddess Amadahy Chastity and Scissoring Femdom - Throat Sitting
Posted in Scissoring
Goddess Amadahy Pissing Right In Toilet-Slave's Mouth - Femdom Piss Drinking
Posted in Piss Drinking
Amadahi With Two Girlfriends At The Same Time, Threesome, Pee In The Mouth Of a Slave Who Drinks a Cocktail From Urine Of Mistresses
Posted in Extreme Torture Piss Drinking
Amadahy Rides a Skinny Slave-Girl Holding Her Pigtails Like The Reins - Lezdom Pony Play
Posted in Lezdom Pet Play
Mistress Amadahy In Fetish Clothes - Scissoring Femdom
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Goddess Amadahy In High Heels Spitting In Toilet Slave's Mouth Before Peeing Inside Him
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