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This is an abbreviation that was formed from the expression: “Clothed Female Naked Male”. Which accordingly means that in the pic the submissive guys are naked, and the Mistress is dressed

Extreme Trampling With High Heels
Posted in CFNM Extreme Torture Fetish Clothing Trampling

Brutal Mistress in High Heels – Extreme Full Weight Trample Her Masked Slave

Mistress Bijou Steal Scissoring
Posted in CFNM Fetish Clothing Scissoring

Rough Mistress Bijou Steal Scissoring Femdom in Latex Dress

Caning BDSM Cybill Troy
Posted in CFNM Extreme Torture Fetish Clothing Whipping

Sexy and Cruel Mistresses in Latex Extreme Caning Torture Femdom

Boijou Stial Balls Torture
Posted in CBT CFNM Fetish Clothing

Cruel Mistress Boijou Stial Hardcore Balls Torture BDSM

Skinny Mistress Ruby Femdom Punishes
Posted in Bondage CFNM

Tall and Skinny Mistress Ruby Punishes Her Bondaged Slave

Fetish Goddesse's CFNM Femdom
Posted in CFNM Fetish Clothing Humiliation

Hot Goddesses Amadahy and Her Partner Domina CFNM Outdoor Femdom

Cybill Troy Fetish FemdomCybill Troy Fetish Femdom
Posted in Bondage CFNM Fetish Clothing

Amazing Goddess Cybill Troy In Fetish Latex Dress Train Her Slave

Jean Bardot and Her Slave
Posted in CFNM Fetish Clothing

Cruel Mistress Jean Bardot and Her Slave In Collar

Mean Bitch CFNM Public Humiliation
Posted in CFNM Humiliation Pet Play

Impudent Bitch Stripped Her Husband Naked and Walked Him On A Chain Like a Dog

Old Chair Slave Femdom Full Weight Facesitting
Posted in CFNM Chair Slave Humiliation

Crazy Brunette Uses Stepfather’s Face Like A Chair For Facesitting Femdom

Subby Slaves For Amadahy and Her Girlfriend
Posted in Bondage CFNM Humiliation

Goddess Amadahy Train Athletic Bondaged Slaves Outdoor

High-Heels Foot Worship Femdom CFNM
Posted in CFNM Foot Worship

Bald Slave Knelt Before Kissing Goddesse’s High Heels Shoes

Extreme Suspended Femdom
Posted in CFNM Fetish Clothing Suspended

Cruel Domina Jean Bardot Suspended BDSM Torture Femdom

Trampling and Spitting Femdom Humiliation
Posted in CFNM Spitting Trampling

Cruel Skinny Domina Full Weight Trample In High Heels And Spit In Slaves Mouth

Skinny Mistress and Her Slave
Posted in CFNM Humiliation

Skinny Mistress and Her Old Slave On a Leash